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Business continuity is a core aspect of our services, with failover capabilities being a crucial component of this. Between version 3 and version 4, our WAN failover system hasn't undergone significant changes. However, we have enhanced the system to provide more detailed logging, which is now centrally stored along with all other system logs from each MikroTik device. Additionally, we've laid the groundwork for a future feature we plan to introduce, known as application-aware routing.

Application-aware routing will utilize the database of approximately 1,600 applications that our content filtering system tracks, allowing users to specify routing paths for these applications based on their preferences. This functionality will leverage the BGP feed from our Security Essentials service to publish routing information to the MikroTik device, instructing it on how to route traffic for specific applications, such as directing social media traffic over a designated path. This is achieved by modifying the next hop or gateway for these routes, ensuring that high availability and failover capabilities are maintained.

This advancement will enable network administrators to dynamically route traffic for certain business-critical applications over preferred links, enhancing network performance and reliability.

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Managed WAN Failover

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