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The DNS content filtering system has been improved in two major ways to enhance user experience and network security management. Firstly, it is now hosted closer to the user's location, moving from a centralized to a regional hosting model. This change reduces latency and improves the responsiveness of the system. Secondly, we've added the feature to log DNS requests on an individual device basis. This allows network administrators to access detailed statistics, including the specific queries made and the most frequently visited domains by users, as well as identifying threats that have been blocked.

This system integrates seamlessly with our syslog infrastructure and supports a wide range of applications that we monitor. Currently, we manage a list of domains and IP addresses associated with approximately 1,600 of the world's most popular applications, categorized into over 30 categories. Thanks to these updates, the reporting system can now match reporting data with these content categories, offering administrators more precise and actionable insights.

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DNS Content Filtering with Reporting

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