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With our enhanced logging features, we can now periodically retrieve entries from the router's ARP table and the DHCP leases table. By merging these records based on the MAC addresses of client devices such as smartphones and laptops, we generate a comprehensive list that includes the device's IP address, MAC address, and hostname. This data is further enriched by adding the manufacturer's name and the last seen date. Users have the option to assign names to these devices by attaching an alias or a tag.

It will be possible to organize devices into groups. For instance, a group named "Marketing" could be created to include all devices belonging to members of the marketing department. On the MikroTik router, this group would be represented as an address list in the firewall. Our system will automatically detect changes in the IP addresses of devices and update the address list in the router accordingly. For example, if a computer's IP address changes, we will refresh any relevant entries in the router's address list.

Looking ahead, we plan to introduce the capability to enforce content filtering policies based on these groups. It will also be possible to apply Quality of Service (QoS) or bandwidth queues and to monitor the network throughput of these grouped devices. Additionally, we aim to enable users to perform SNMP walks on these devices for specific OIDs and to save this data as metadata associated with the network device. An example of this would be obtaining the serial number of a Lexmark printer through a specific OID and storing that serial number as part of the network device information, allowing the creation of a network asset list.

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Network Inventory

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