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Version 4 features the capability to receive Red, Amber, and Green alerts for any health-related events across the entire platform. The initial release of version 4 will cover health events pertaining to the site's heartbeat (via the scheduler API), the status of the management VPN tunnel, as well as the availability and performance of WAN links (including packet loss, latency, and jitter), in addition to monitoring system resources such as CPU usage, available memory, and disk space.

We intend to enable users to leverage MikroTik's built-in Netwatch feature for monitoring devices within the internal network and to report state changes back to our system. An example of this application could be to monitor the IP address of a printer and receive an alert if it becomes unavailable. Users will have the ability to respond to these alerts through customizable notification policies.

We've also introduced shareable "single pane of glass" dashboards that offer customizable views to suit different preferences and needs. Users can tailor their dashboard to display information in a table view, a card view, or a map view, enhancing the monitoring experience. These dashboards come equipped with audible alerts to immediately notify users of critical updates or issues. Additionally, the refresh intervals on these dashboards are customizable, allowing users to set the frequency of updates according to their requirements.

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Red Amber Green Monitoring

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