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One of the most anticipated features in version 4 is the ability for users to create their own RouterOS scripts. Users will have the flexibility to schedule these scripts to run across any number of routers at a time of their choosing. This functionality empowers network administrators to implement widespread changes efficiently without the need to manually configure each router individually.

Additionally, we're incorporating change management control mechanisms. These mechanisms enable network administrators to draft configuration changes, authorize these changes, schedule their deployment, and ensure the integrity of these changes. If a scheduled script is altered after it has been slated for execution, it will require reauthorization by the network administrator. This process ensures that only verified changes are applied, enhancing network security and stability.

Looking ahead, we plan to introduce a feature that allows users to publish their scripts publicly, fostering a community of sharing and collaboration. We also aim to integrate a wealth of scripts from popular GitHub repositories focused on RouterOS automation. This initiative will provide users with a rich library of scripts for various boilerplate tasks, further enhancing the utility and versatility of our service.

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Scheduled Script Execution

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